Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Creating Organisation Scoped Public NPM Packages

NPM has a really cool feature called Scoped Packages. My understanding is that it lets you group packages together so you can organise code into monorepos

Here is how I create Scoped Packages inside NPM Organisations. I use this as a reference for my side projects.

Build you GIT project

1) First you need a GIT account. e.g.

2) I doubt this is needed, but you may need to create an organisation through your personal user account. e.g.

3) Create your GIT project locally and build your project that you want to make into a NPM Organisation Scoped Public Module. e.g.

Once you are ready to make it public you need to do the following related to NPM

1) Login into your NPM account here https://www.npmjs.com or create a new account

2) Create a new Organisation here https://www.npmjs.com/org/create (this link may change, just follow the UI for the option to create an organisation). Public orgs are free or you can have paid private orgs

3) Enter a new Organisation Name. Basically this becomes your "scope"

4) After your Organisation was created you need to associate your GIT project to this organisation scope

Publish your GIT Project as a Organisation Scoped Public Module

1) Go back to your GIT project and update your package.json file to have a scoped name. e.g.
"name": "@itheum/react-schedule-it"

2) Make sure the repository points to the correct endpoint in github. e.g.
"repository": {
    "type": "git",
    "url": "git+https://github.com/Itheum/react-schedule-it.git"

3) If the above manual steps does not work just follow the steps here and recreate your package.json automatically https://docs.npmjs.com/creating-and-publishing-scoped-public-packages by running this command e.g.
npm init --scope=@my-org

4) After this is done, I checked in my code to github and then published to NPM via the command
npm publish --access public

And that's it. My project became a Organisation Scoped Public Module. e.g.

I can now keep all my code in Github is a central account but scope my NPM modules by organisation. Its also super handy to use this design with something like Lerna to create monorepos.

Happy Coding!

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