Monday, June 4, 2012

A Simple JavaScript Inheritance Example

Well firstly, this post is on nothing new and undiscovered. It's just a very simple example that shows you how JavaScript inheritance works. I usually use this as a class template and starting point for my JavaScript projects. This is also called the Pseudo Classical pattern for JavaScript inheritance.

// a universal object that's used prevent parent classes from
// executing their full constructors when a child inherits from it
// (see how it is used below)
var inheriting = { };

/* ----- Parent Class */
Person = function(params) {
    if (arguments[0] === inheriting) {

    this.firstName = params.firstName;
    this.lastName = params.lastName;

Person.prototype.sayHello = function(){
    alert("Hello " + this.firstName + "  " + this.lastName);

/* -----  Child Class */
Employee = function(params) {
    // we need the 'own properties' of the Person superclass, 
    // so call the Person suplerclass constructor with context of the current object
    // this gives our Employee object instance the properites of Person     
    Person.apply(this, arguments); =;

// create a reference to Person's prototype only (don't execute the person's full constructor).
// This sets up "method inheritance" where the methods are inherited by the child
Employee.prototype = new Person(inheriting);

// inheriting from the parent overrides the child's constructor property, this fixes it
// (may cause problems later on if you work with child.prototype.constructor)
Employee.prototype.constructor = Employee;

// keep a reference to the parent's items so we can call them even if we
// overwrite in child classes
Employee.base = Person.prototype;

Employee.prototype.sayHello = function(useOwn){
    if (useOwn) {
        alert("Hello " + this.firstName + "  " + this.lastName + ", from " +;

/* -----  Instance of Child */
var markPaul = new Employee({firstName: "Mark", lastName: "Paul", company: "Acme Explosives"});

// alerts "Hello Mark Paul"

// alerts "Hello Mark Paul, from Acme Explosives"

Full credit needs to go to the series of articles I read at and if you're keen to learn more on this topic, I highly recommend you read all the articles over there. I just took the core ideas from that series and created a single, reusable example.

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