Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dolly Web Messenger : Cross domain web messenger built using WLML 2.0

Hi Guys,

My team at work (ninemsn Social Networking) just launched our Dolly web messenger. This widget built using a javascript backbone sits in the Dolly website's pages and lets the user chat with their buddies whilst they surf the site. Its a lot like Facebook chat but we take it to the next level by making it fully domain independent, which means that unlike Facebook chat, this web messenger can continue your conversations and session on page loads across different domains :)

for example, you can sign into the web messenger from Dolly and then move to News or any other site, even yahoo7 (so long as they host the widget library code package) and continue their conversations and session.

We believe its the first of its kind so we are pretty excited.

Lots of credit to the amazing WLML 2.0 library, which provides the code Live Messenger engine API. Its very stable and great to use.

I'll repost soon on more technical details later. In the meantime, you can give it a go here and here are some screen shots of the widget sitting in the Dolly site and how it looks when the user has signed in.

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